Board thanks John Swinburne

15 January 2016

As members attending the AGM in October will know, John Swinburne handed over the presidency to Nick Catt after serving as president for 3 years.

John became a member of the UKWF in 1999 and was co-opted onto the UKWF Board in July 2010. At the October 2010 AGM he was elected as Vice president and held this role for 2 years supporting then president, Jim Harper.

John took up the 2 year Presidency at the October 2012 AGM and when the serving Vice President had to resign in 2014, John agreed to continue in the Presidents role for an extra year to October 2015.

The UKWF Board thanked John for his contribution over the past 3 years and presented him with an engraved wine decanter as a token of the Federation’s appreciation.


Risk Assessment pro-forma

15 January 2016

The new directive requires us to carry out sample testing of instruments made available on the market. This sample testing shall take place when deemed appropriate with regard to the risks presented.

I have created a short risk assessment document which you should complete in time for the next audit by your notified body as you may be asked about it. If you would like any help completing it please let me kno

Important New Guidance notes for the Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Regulations

15 January 2016

These guidance notes are now on version 6 – December 2015. The changes are important as they reflect the new requirements relating to the control of weights.

Please see the new Guidance Notes. The details of the new requirements are in paragraph 6.46 and paragraph 9.15. Although it is recognised that these requirements are only guidelines it is recommended that they should be followed by UKWF members. It has been agreed that if these requirements are followed the local weights and measures authority will presume that the test weights are sufficient.

I would also draw your attention to Annex 12 of the new guidance notes which states clearly that instruments used for weighing ingredients that have their percentage declared in the ingredients list are controlled by legislation.

This clarification of the legislation means that it is now clear that such instruments must be verified and stickers.

The SOLAS Requirements

15 January 2016

The SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Requirements come into force on the 1st July 2016. The effect of this is that a condition for loading packed container onto a ship for export is that the container must have a verified gross mass.

The shipper is responsible for obtaining the verified gross mass of a packed container and communicating it to the ocean carrier. After that date, it would be a violation of SOLAS to load a packed container onto a ship if the ship operator and marine terminal operator do not have a verified container gross mass

The SOLAS amendments provide for two methods to verify the gross mass of a packed container.

• Method 1 requires weighing the container after it has been packed.

• Method 2 requires weighing all the cargo and contents of the container and adding those to the container’s tare weight as indicated on the door end of the container.

Please see presentation entitled Weighing of containers: The regulation by Fabien Becquelin, Maritime Policy Manager, European Shippers’ Council and guidance notes Essential Guidance for ship operators on the implementation of
amendment requiring the verified gross mass of packed containers that I have found on this. I think the most important document is the MGN534 (Marine Guidance Note) which requires in paragraph A3.1 that weighing equipment used for the purposes of these regulations should be in compliance with the UK Regulations.

If you have any queries, please contact me.



John White and Sons 300 Year Celebrati

15 January 2016

Scotland’s oldest family business John White & Son has just cemented 300 years of history with a celebratory dinner the launch of a fascinating commemorative booklet


S70 Report from the NMRO

16 December 2015

The NMRO have issued the annual Section 70 report on the level of local weights and measures enforcement work conducted over the previous twelve months.

The declaration of Conformity for the new NAWI Directive (2014/31) has been updated.

16 December 2015

Please use this version of the Declaration to for the purposes of the new Directive